Where to bet on the England vs India Second Test

It is often quite overwhelming when you do fancy betting on a  cricket match, for due to the sheer number of betting sites offering all manner of weird and wonderful betting markets and betting opportunities on different cricket matches, you may not know where to start.

If that is something you have been experiencing, then sit back, head on over to the Betfred betting site for right now they are going to be offering you some of the bests odds on the most popular types of bets and wagers on the England vs India Second Test, which I think you may fancy taking advantage of!

You are always going to be able to peruse the multiple different betting markets on offer on to you this match, but when I did so there was no doubt in my mind that Betfred were offering the best odds and had a low over-round on their outright betting market.

Therefore, before I move onto giving you an insight into some of the more unusual bets you can place on this match, the outright winner betting markets is such that the Draw odds are 4/1, the odds on an England win are 10/11 and you can back India at odds of 7/4 if you do fancy their chances of winning.

Other Outright Betting Markets

Where to bet on the England vs India Second Test 1

You can increase your chances of winning if you think England or India will win this match by betting on either team to win, but on a betting market that doesn’t have the draw attached to it, if the match ends in a draw then your stakes are returned and paid back out to you.

Whether or not that is something you fancy betting on, is up to you of course, but if so then the current odds available betting without the draw on England are 4/7 and betting with the draw on India to win the odds are 5/4 over at Betfred right now.

How you do decide to bet on this match is going to be up to you, but there are still loads of other betting opportunities that are available to you before the match starts and also when it is in live play via the Betfred live and in-play betting markets.

If you want to bet on the toss of the coin that will ultimately determine just which team will bat first the odds on both teams are 10/11.

Ask yourself which team you think is going to have the first innings lead, for there is a fair and reasonable either team could, however there is of course the chance is could be a tie.

As for the odds you can currently secure, they are a Tie at 80/1, England at 4/6 and you are also going to be able to back India at 6/5 too, and there is one thing for certain it will definitely be one of those three outcomes, but which one you decide is up to you if at all!

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