What are Straight Forecast Bets?

It can often take quite some time to get your head around how to place certain bets available at some betting sites, however some bets are not only straight forward and very easy to understand they are quite popular with punters too.

Take for example a Straight Forecast bet, they are a type of bet that you can place on any upcoming horse race or greyhound race and all that you are required to have to do when placing such a bet is use your skill and judgement to predict which horses or greyhounds will come first or second in a race.

The cost of placing such a bet is up to you, however the dividend that is declared from either the greyhound track or racecourse once a race has been run will be declared to a £1 unit stake, so you will get paid out a percentage or a multiple of that dividend based on just how much you wagered on your Straight Forecast bet.

So, if you for example wagered lets says £4 on a Straight Forecast bet and you did correctly pick out a horse that finished first and another one that finished second in a race, then you will be paid out four times the declared Straight Forecast dividend, or one half of that dividend if you only wagered 50p on your bet.

Get a Pay-Out Boost on Winning Straight Forecast Bets

What are Straight Forecast Bets? 1

The way in which the dividend is declared and worked out on each Straight Forecast bet is by using a mathematical equation based on the win odds of the horses or greyhound you have bet on.

However, you will always find that when a horse for example wins a race with high odds attached to it and the second horse come in with high odds too, the dividend will be much more than it would be if a favourite and second favourite finishes in first and second place!

I would encourage you to place any type of Straight Forecast bet at betting sites such as BetFred for when placing such a bet the dividend that is declared will be rounded up to the next full £1 unit so a £19.22 divined will become a dividend worth £20 at BetFred.

It is also possible for you to pick out any number of horses or greyhounds and have each of them covered in every possible permutation of Straight Forecast, but there is of course the requirement to place a stake on each permutation.

Take for example when you pick two horses and want them covered in every possible permutation of first and second place, that bet will see you placing two stakes to cover them to come first or second in any order.

The more selections you pick the higher the number of possible permutations will become with three selections requiring a total of 6 stakes for example to have them covered in every possible first and second place permutation!

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