Upcoming UEFA League D Matches

You need to take a step back if you are placing any number of football related bets this week, for there are plenty of them scheduled to kick off all over the world this week, and plenty of those matches are UEFA League matches too.

Therefore what I shall be doing today is looking at an often overlooked set of betting opportunities, those being the ones that are associated with League D, and giving you an insight into which teams should, if they do play up to their current form, go on to win their respective matches.

Whilst the odds on offer are going to be different at many betting sites, it is BetFred that I always look to when looking for the very best odds, and as such it will be their current odds I will be quoting below, so keep that in mind!

The first match of the week in UEFA League D is the Kazakhstan v Latvia match, and as far as the team that should win that match and quite easily too if everything does go to plan, that team is the home team who are available at odds of 8/13!

Andorra Have No Chance of Winning This Week!

Upcoming UEFA League D Matches 1

Another match scheduled for the 15th of November is the Andorra v Georgia match and with Andorra being 10/1 and even the draw being 7/2 it is Georgia who should win that match, but their 1/3 win odds do indicate that fact very clearly!

The Luxembourg v Belarus match however is a much better balanced one, certainly from a betting point of view and the home team are 7/4 the draw odds are 21/10 and the away team are in with a chance of winning at odds of 13/8 too.

Unless you are very brave you will not be backing San Marino to win at odds of 20.1 nor will you be backing the draw at 11/2 in the match they are playing against Moldova, but you will have to bet big to win anything of significance in that match as Moldova are 1/7 to win that match!

16th and 17th of November 2018 UEFA League D Matches

In the Gibraltar v Armenia match the away team should win with relative ease and their odds of 2/9 are very fair at BetFred all things considered, and the only other match in play in addition to the above one on the 16th of November 2018 is the Liechtenstein v Fyr Macedonia match which will I do think, go the way of the away team at odds of 1/5.

On the 17th of November 2018 there is a UEFA League D match between Azerbaijan v Faroe Islands, and that match is going to go the way of a home team win if their 3/5 odds are to be taken at face value. Also that day is the match between Malta v Kosovo and it would be a major upset if Kosovo didn’t win that match, and their win odds of doing so by the way are 8/15.

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