Today’s American Football Matches

You may fancy a welcome change from betting on for example horse races and football matches in the UK today, and if so then how about betting one some of the many scheduled American Football matches that are going to be kicking off at various times throughout the day?

If you do fancy doing so then I can wholeheartedly recommend the 10Bet betting site, for they always got that extra mile to ensure their customers get access to some of the most diverse betting opportunities on all American Football matches, and below I will be looking at what they are offering by way of odds on some of those featured matches.

The very first America Football match that has caught my eye today is the match between Cincinnati Bearcats and the Temple Owls and that should be a good match to watch if you can manage to do so.

However, as for which team is most likely to win, I thing that the Cincinnati Bearcats may come a cropper today and I would avoid backing them at 27/20 and instead back the Temple Owls who on reflection do look like the most likely winner and their odds are favourable at 10/19!

Miami Ohio Red Hawks vs the Army Black Knights

Today's American Football Matches 1

When it comes to backing American Football teams that are available at short odd on, you really should take a step back and decide whether those odds are going to be worth taking.

However, there is no other way at looking at the Miami Ohio Red Hawks vs the Army Black Knights match when you weigh up to form of each team than coming to the conclusion that the Miami Ohio Red Hawks on offer at odds of 23/10 are not going to win that match, and the bet you should therefore be placing is an outright win for the Army Black Knights at 2/7!

Other American Football Value Bets Today

There are a couple of other American Football matches that I certainly would advise you to consider betting on today if you are looking to lock in the maximum betting value and the first of those two additional matches is the Maryland Terrapins v the Iowa Hawkeyes match.

As for which team is likely to win that match, well I for one cannot see how the Maryland Terrapins could possibly win that match, but for reference their outright win odd are 13/5, it is the Iowa Hawkeyes where the value does lay even though they are 1/4 odds-on to win that match, win it they should do!

As for the Northwestern Wildcats v the Rutgers Scarlet Knights match, well it should certainly be a good match to watch if you are a fan of the home team, for they are expected to win it with great ease!

That is why the very best odds I have seen so far offered this morning on the Northwestern Wildcats are just 1/25, and you are going to be taking one risk to many if you decide to bet on their opponents that being the Rutgers Scarlet Knights even though their odds are huge at 29/4!

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