This Weekends Best Premier League Match Odds

Let me get straight down to business looking at the odds on each of this weekend’s Premier League match betting odds beginning with this Saturdays matches. Be aware I am quoting the current set of odds on each match that are available at BoyleSports.

The odds on the Tottenham v Liverpool match are 17/10 for a home win, the draw is on offer at 13/5 and the away team win odds are 7/5. The odds on the Huddersfield v Crystal Palace match are 21/10 for a home win and a draw and 29/20 for an away win.

If you want to bet on the Bournemouth v Leicester match BoyleSports are offering odds right now of 13/10 on a Bournemouth win, 12/5 on the draw and Leicester are 2/1. The Newcastle v Arsenal match has odds of 3/1 on a Newcastle win, hr draw is 13/5 and Arsenal are the odds-on favourites to win that match at 20/23.

You are not going to find any betting sites offering huge odds on the home team in the Manchester City v Fulham, and the odds on offer at BoyleSports are 1/8 on a Manchester City win, the draw odds are 15/2 and Fulham are the rank outsiders of course and their odds are 18/1!

The Chelsea v Cardiff match should go the way of a Chelsea win being as their win odds are 2/11; the draw odds are 11/2 but if you have loyalties with Cardiff you can back them at huge win odds of 14/1!

Sundays Matches

This Weekends Best Premier League Match Odds 1

I do know many of you will be tuning in to watch at least one of the two Premier League matches that are kicking off this Sunday and as such let me take a quick look at the odds available on both of those two matches.

The Wolves v Burnley isn’t that hard a match to pry and predict the winner off of Wolves are the favourites to win at 3/4 and you can back the draw are 12/5 or place something of a risky bet on Burnley at their win odds of 4/1

It will be at 4pm that the Everton v West Ham match will be kicking off and as far as the odds available at BoyleSports go they are offer Everton at odds of 20/23 the draw at 13/5 and a tempting set of win odds are on offer on West Ham and those odds are 14/5!

Monday’s Match

You can also watch and bet on the Southampton v Brighton match that is going to be kicking off on Monday night, and that is a match that is bound to be a close run one, and it is fair to day that either team could come out on top, and also the match could of course end in a draw too!

As for getting the best odds though, that is something you will find over at the BoyleSports betting site for they have the home team all chalked up to win that match at odds of even money, the draw is tempting at 23/10 and you can also back Brighton to win at 14/5 if you prefer!

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