This Weekends AFL Matches and Betting Opportunities

The AFL season is of course in full flow, and if you do have something of a passion for betting on Australian Rules Football, and I am more than confident many of your out there will do, then make sure you spend a little bit of time studying this weekend’s matches and the odds being offered to you at sites such as Bruce Betting.

There are no shortages of AFL matches scheduled to take place this weekend, and as such to give you some ideas of the best odds available, below I will be giving you an insight into the odds currently up for grabs at the Bruce Betting sportsbook!

It s going to be on Friday that you can take your chances on the very first AFL match being played this weekend ,ad for reference that match is the one in which the Essendon Bombers play the Sydney Swans, and both teams do look quite well matched it does have to be said!

However if you are of the mind that it is going to be the Essendon Bombers that are going to win that match then make sure you act quickly to ensure you secure the currency 8/11 odds on them winning, but you will also have to get your bets placed quickly too if you want to secure the 15/8 win odds on offer on the Sydney Swans too!

Will the Richmond Tigers Win

One match that you may fancy having a bet on and one that does look extremely well balanced from both a form point of view but also a betting point of view is the match between Richmond Tigers and Collingwood Magpies that is kicking off on Saturday.

This Weekends AFL Matches and Betting Opportunities 1

As far as which team is most likely to win that match you will get offered odds if you are quick at Bruce Betting on 4/11 on Richmond Tigers winning that match and some even more tempting and higher odds of 15/8 on the Collingwood Magpies winning!

Other AFL Betting Opportunities

There is something of a very unbalanced betting market on offer on the Geelong Cats v Brisbane Lions match this Saturday for the very best odds you can hope for and currently secure on the Geelong Cats winning that match are 1/8 but there is some value to be had if you think the Brisbane Lions will win as their odds of doing just that are 17/4.

In regards as to just which team will win the Greater Western Sydney Giants v St Kilda Saints match it looks like the Greater Western Sydney Giants will win as their odds currently are tiny at just 1/14 whilst the odds on a St Kilda Saints win are 6/1.

Even the Gold Coast Suns v Carlton Blues match does look like it can only go on way, and that way is the way of the Gold Coast Suns as their win odds are tiny at just 1/4 but you can bet on the Carlton Blues to win if you so desire at odds of 5/2!

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