Take Part in the Betway Sportsbook 4 to Score Promo

How do you fancy winning £25k this coming week? Well that is what you may just do if you take part in the ongoing Betway 4 to Score competition that is proving to be hugely popular with football fans.

That competition comes with no entry fee, and what you are going to be tasked with having to do if you do decide to give it a try it to name four players playing in four different football matches that you think will score the first goals in each of their respective matches.

Betway have chosen this week’s four matches and they are West Ham vs. Spurs, Wolves vs. Watford, Everton vs. Palace along with the Arsenal vs. Leicester match, so if you do think you have the abilities and/or skills needed to name the first goal scorers in each of those matches then get on over to the Betway betting site and place your entry.

I should point out however that you will need to have a betting account with Betway to take part in their 4 to Score competition, but you can open up an account for free and within a minute or so at any time, so make sure that is something you do and then get actively in this completely no risk competition.

Bag a Betway Sportsbook Bonus Too!

Take Part in the Betway Sportsbook 4 to Score Promo 1

Not only are you going to be able to enter this free of charge 4 to Score competition by becoming a signed up customer of the Betway betting site, but you will also be able to claim a new customers sign up bonus too.

But for you to qualify for that bonus instantly you need to click or tap onto any of our links that take you to that betting site, so make sure that is the very next thing you do, as that sign up welcome bonus really is a high valued one and one worth claiming for sure!

Prize Increases in Value if No One Wins

It could be the case that one or more than one of the matches listed above is a game in which no player does manage to score for either team, and there is also the very real chance that no one entering this competition manages to predict the first four goal scorers if a goal is scored in each of those four matches too.

Therefore what will happen in no one wins that competition each week is that the following week the £25k cash prize will be increased by the rollover amount of the previous week, so after several weeks of no one winning the prize money up for grabs could be enormous!

With Betway always offering very comprehensive array of different football betting markets you are always going to finds something to bet on no matter which football teams and football matches you have an interest in. So do check out their football betting markets when visiting their website as you will be impressed for sure when you do so!

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