Super Bowl Bettors Defrauded by Scam Betting Sites

Super Bowl Bettors Defrauded by Scam Betting Sites

You may or may not be aware, that it is against the law in the USA to place sports bets and wagers on any sporting events online, however that hasn’t stopped lots of offshore based sportsbooks from opening and making their services available to sports bettors based in America.

In fact, betting online is something that a lot of people do in the US, however the powers that be have made it very difficult for them to be able to use the more standard ways of depositing and getting paid out there winnings, such as by using a credit card or debit card to fund such accounts, and most US based banks block bank wires from being paid from such sites into US citizens bank accounts.

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However, one recurring scam that usually appears in the weeks before the Super Bowl that has cost many American punters a lot of money is that several fake sportsbooks will open online and offer very generous odds on the Super Bowl. As the Super Bowl is the one sporting event that US sports bettors do bet big on each year, there is a lot of money to be made by any sportsbook offering odds on the final match of the season, however there is even more money to be made if those betting sites have no intention what so ever of paying out their winning customers!

As such if you are someone who is based in the USA, or for that matter any other country of the world and you do fancy having a bet online on the outcome of the Super Bowl, then you need to be aware that quite a number of online betting sites will be fake ones, and by sending your money into such sites it is a sure-fire way for you to never see those funds again!

Due to the restrictions in place on US based sports bettors being able to use credit or debit cards to fund betting site accounts, such punters are faced with sending their money via Money Gram or Western Union, or even paying for their deposits using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Those fake sportsbooks will, as mentioned above, offer overly generous odds on both teams in the Super Bowl final game, and will often offer all manner of generous promotional offers to get sports bettors to part with their cash. Once the money is sent though, and the bets are placed, and the result of the Super Bowl is known, those fake online sportsbooks will then vanish into the night, leaving their customers without any way of receiving their winnings back.

Having used a money transfer services or a cryptocurrency to fund their accounts, there is no way for those sports bettors to be able to charge back and get their deposits returned.

So, keep that in mind if you do fancy having a bet on the Super Bowl this year, for much like every other year gone by, there will always be fraudsters waiting to take your money off you!

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