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There are still many people who go out and buy a newspaper each day or get one delivered each morning, and then spend some time researching the form of a range of different sporting events that they may end up betting on in the sports sections of those newspapers.

One newspaper in the UK that has a very large readership is of course The Sun, and it may surprise you o learn that they launched their own betting site quite a while ago.

As such if you are after a betting site that will not only be offering you a plethora of different betting opportunities on a  huge range of different sporting events but you want one that is run by a company you can trust, then Sun Bets comes highly recommended.

But first, please do read through and make use of the following review of Sun Bets, as by doing so you can compare them to any betting sites you currently have an account with and then decide if they are going to be worth signing up to and then placing your sports related bets and wagers at, which is something I do feel you will want to do when you have read through this review!

Our Exclusive Sun Bets Sign-Up Bonus

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By making a deposit and then betting at least £10 on your chosen sporting event via the Sun Bet online or mobile betting platform, you are then going to qualify for their free bet offer that is credited to your account as soon as your initial bet placed has been settled, win or lose!

That free bet offer is going to see you then being given £30 in free bets on which you then have the chance of winning some large amounts of cash, dependent of course on just what you choose to place your free bets on.

I should however point out that there are a set of terms and conditions that you will need to abide by when claiming and then using those free bets, but fear not that have been written in a very clear and concise way, so you will not have to spend an absolute age reading through them to make sense of them!

In addition to that sign up set of free bets you are more than welcome to claim when using our links to their betting site, you are going to also be offered plenty of ongoing promotional offers and deals which are just as or could be even more generous than their sign up welcome bonus offer!

Using the Online Betting Platform at Sun Bets

You often feel like you are obliged to go on a sharp learning curve when you set about signing up to some betting sites and using their betting platforms, for there really are some highly complicated ones to use out there!

However, Sun Bet has made sure that above all else when using their online betting platform their customers are going to be very quickly able to locate the exact type of betting opportunities they are most interested in, and once found you can then place a bet in seconds.

Being able to place the exact type of bet you want to place is of course very important as is being able to place a bet of a value you are comfortable to bet for, and Sun Bets do offer low to high stake limits, so you are always going to be able to place a bet of any value.

All bets are going to be settled in real time once the results are known, and therefore all winnings will appear in your account within minutes of any sporting event ending. Leaving you free to cash out those winnings immediately or continue betting if you so desire!

Every Sporting Event under the Sun!

You only have to take a look over the Sun Bets website to get an idea as to just how many different sporting events they are going to be offering you betting markets and odds on, and there will always be a plethora of different sports betting opportunities available to you.

Having said that though, there are a lot of differences between offering plenty of betting opportunities and also offering you fair and generous odds on them, and that is where it is always going to pay dividends for you to shop around and track down the best odds available on whatever it is you wish to place a bet on.

I am not saying that Sun Bets will always be offering you the best odds on every single betting opportunity, but by opening up an account with them when they are offering slightly better and higher odds than other betting sites you can then bag those odds quickly if you do have an account with them.

I think that if you are a fan of betting on football, golf, horse racing or even greyhound racing you are going to be very impressed by their live and in-play betting markets and the odds available on each of them too though!

Mobile Betting App

I would also suggest that when you do sign up to the online betting platform offered by Sun Bets you do also download and install their betting app onto your mobile device at the same time.

By doing so you online betting account log in details will also give you a access to that betting app but you will then also be able to place sports bets and sports wagers when you are out and about and may be aware from your computer or laptop.

It can often be the case that there are not as many betting opportunities on some betting apps however I am happy to let you know that everything that you can bet on via the Sun Bets online betting platform can be bet on via their betting app too.

Fast Cash-Outs and Real Time Deposits

When you place a bet in a betting shop you will of course get paid out your winnings on the spot and as long as you don’t win too much, then those winnings will also be paid out in cash too. However, getting paid out instantly when betting online or a mobile device is not something you cannot generally benefit from!

But one thing I do like about Sun Bets is that they have made a real concerted effort to ensure that not only do their customers have a very wide and very diverse range of withdrawal options listed don their banking interface, but they do pay out their winning customers quickly.

They do also have some very high cash out limits, so unlike when you bet and win at other betting site they are not going to divide up your withdrawals into tiny amounts and send them to you over weeks or months!

There is of course more than enough deposits options too, so you are always going to find a cost effective and instant way to fund and top up your Sun Bets account whenever you do fancy taking advantage of the higher odds they do tend to offer regularly too!

Player Protection and Account Verification

For most people sports betting is a pastime and something that they tend to do regularly, and they experience no problems when doing so, however some people can get a little carried away and can end up losing more money than they ever intended to when betting on all manner o f different sporting events or when gambling in general.

As Sun Bets are a fully licensed and fully regulated UK Gambling Commission sports betting site they are going to be offering you a range of responsible gambling limit option settings whenever you log into your online or mobile betting account.

Therefore if you do feel that you lack the will power to stop gambling when you should you can always set your own unique set of deposit limits and can also set a limit of just how much you are prepared to lose and also set yourself some time limits as to how long you can stay logged into your account.

If you do feel that you want to stop gambling at Sun Bet you do also have the option of self excluding yourself from their site or take a break from gambling there too.

Customer Support

I think you do now have enough information about Sun Bets to make a very well balanced decision as to whether they are going to be the ideal betting site for you to sign up to.

However, one final thing to note if you are unsure about anything they do offer their clients is that they offer an around the clock customer support service that can be contacted via a range of different ways.

So if you do have any questions then do feel free to make contact with their support team, as by doing so you will get the answers you are looking for in no time!

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