Smart Money Football Bets for the 13th of October

Fancy a football bet tomorrow? Well if you do you need to visit the Betfred betting site for sure, for they have plenty of matches listed upon their online and mobile Long List football betting coupon, and some of the teams playing do have what I feel is an outstanding chance of winning their respective matches too.

Take for example the Afc Wimbledon v Portsmouth match, not I know plenty of punters will be hoping the home team wins and will be betting on them doing so, but the value bet in that match has to be a Portsmouth win for they are currently 7/5 to win, and win that match I am certain they will!

Moving onto the Coventry City v Wycombe Wanderers match, the home team advantage surely will play into the hands of Coventry City and I for one am backing them at their current odds of 11/10.

Fleetwood Town are also playing against Shrewsbury Town this coming Saturday, and whilst that match isn’t going to be one that will see a huge number of fans packing into the ground it is a match worth betting on, and where you should be placing your money in my opinion is on Fleetwood Town to win that match, and by betting at Betfred you can secure odds of 29/20 on them winning that match.

Gillingham v Southend United

Smart Money Football Bets for the 13th of October 1

Another match that probably will not immediately jump out as one that you could be tempted to place a bet on, but one I feel you should is the Gillingham v Southend United match that is kicking off this Saturday afternoon, for there are some generous odds attached to all three possible outcomes of that match.

As for the most likely result well I would avoid backing Gillingham or the draw and the odds on those two outcomes for reference are 21/10 and 5/2 respectively, and you should be backing Southend United to win away and by doing so over at the Betfred betting site or when making use of their betting app you can secure odds right now of 6/5.

Other Teams to Back This Coming Saturday

A few other teams to back this Saturday include Oxford United who are playing against Plymouth Argyle with even money being offered on them winning that match that is surely one of the best valued bets of the weekend as far as football betting goes!

In regards to the Rochdale v Doncaster Rovers match, that is a fairly well balanced match to be honest however I do thing that Doncaster United has the abilities required to win a match of this nature and their win do are very appealing to be honest at 17/10.

One final match that is being played this Saturday that I feel you should be casting your eyes over is the Scunthorpe United v Peterborough United match, having weighed up the chances of either team winning or in fact the match ending in a draw I think the most likely of outcomes is a win for Peterborough United and you can currently secure odds on them doing so at Betfred of 17/10.

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