Smart Money Bets on Tonight’s World Series Darts Matches

There has been something of a noticeable increase regarding the number of bets that have been placed on the outright winner betting markets for this year’s World Series of Darts tournament, however there are plenty of matches still to be played off in that tournament.

I have spent to morning looking over the odds that are on offer at each of our approved betting sites on that tournament and have found that MintBet are offering some of the best odds in the industry right now.

So if you haven’t yet signed up to MintBet then keep in mind that not only are you going to be able to secure any of the odds on the matches that I have listed below that are being played off tonight, but by clicking on our links to get to MintBet you will also be able to bag their high valued sign up welcome bonus offer too, so make sure that is something you do.

As for the darts action tonight, the first match is Raymond Smith vs Keegan Brown and that match is starting at 19:00, and the odds available on Raymond Smith are certainly appealing if you are a fan of his at 11/8, but the favourite to win that match is Keegan Brown who can be backed to win at odds of 8/15.

Jamie Lewis v Dimitri van den Bergh

Smart Money Bets on Tonight’s World Series Darts Matches 1

There is a chance that Jamie Lewis could win his match tonight and if you think so MintBet have some appealing odds on him which are currently 13/10 but to be fair the most likely winner do that match will be Dimitri van den Bergh at 8/13!

If you think you can pick the winner of the 19:30 match that being the Maik Langendorf v Damon Heta match, then you will be rewarded with odds of 17/20 as MintBet can’t separate them in the betting market!

Who Else is Playing in the World Series of Darts Tonight?

I would back Ian White tonight in his match if I were you as his odds are 8/13 and he is likely to beat Kyle Anderson quote easily, and Andersons odds for reference are 6/5! The Dave Chisnall v Dawson Murschell match looks a foregone conclusion as Dave Chisnall surely cannot lose at 1/6 and Dawson Murschell is expected to lose at 15/4!

The Gerwyn Price v Royden Lam match looks another very one-sided match as Gerwyn Price is on offer at odds of 2/9 whilst Royden Lam is friendless in the betting markets at his odds of 14/5!

At 22:00 in the Steve Beaton v Daryl Gurney match it is Steve Beaton at 17/10 who is certainly the underdog and the most money currently being placed on that match is going on Daryl Gurney who is 2/5, and at 22:30 on the last match of this evening in the Ross Smith v James Wade match you can bet on Ross Smith right now at high odds of 13/5 but that is due simply to the fact that James Wade is expected to win at odds of 1/4!

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