Rugby World Cup 2019 Betting Guide

Bet on the 2019 Rugby World Cup

bet on rugby at bestbettingsitesuk.ukIf will be in the latter months of 2019 that the Rugby World Cup will be next held, and the host country is going to be Japan, so do ensure you make a date in your diary of you are an avid fan of that sport. Even though the tournament is not due to start until September the 2nd 2019, you are going to find all major betting sites and bookmakers sites have already opened their respective early betting markets on that event.

With a total of twenty different nations taking part in the Rugby World Cup, that does of course open-up a world of different betting opportunities if you do fancy placing a bet on your favourite rugby team. What I am going to be doing throughout this betting guide is giving you an overview of the early odds you can get on the outright betting markets in the Rugby World Cup 2019, however I will so be giving you an insight into some of the individual bets and wager types of you can place on each match too.

Therefore, please do read on and make a point of checking out any of our featured betting sites too, for each of them will be offering you all manner of bonuses and promotional offers if you do decide to open a new betting account with them all of which will increase your betting bankroll or improve your winning chances!

Favourites to Win the Rugby World Cup in 2019

It is New Zealand 5/4 that are currently leading the way in the betting markets regarding the highest amount of ante post bets that have been placed on them, but there will be plenty of value if you fancy the chances of any of the other teams taking part in the Rugby World Cup in 2019.

The team that appears to be the second favourite, but only just at this early stage in the betting is Ireland, and their odds to win this event outright at currently 4/1, they are closely followed by England whose odds are 9/2. Other teams with reasonable odds of winning include Australia at 8/1, South Africa at 12/1 and surprisingly Wales who do appear to be attracting some money on the betting markets at odds of 16/1.

I wouldn’t put you off betting on France or Scotland at their current odds of 25/1, and Argentina are also in with a small chance of winning if their current odds of 33/1 are to be taken at face value. However, some teams that have virtually no chance of winning or even making it through to the final games are Japan at 250/1, Italy, Fiji and Samoa at 500/1, along with the long shot outsiders at 1000/1 those teams being Tonga, Canada, Georgia and the USA.

The one team that is friendless in the betting markets except for a few supporters back at home is Romania, and their outright win odds are huge at a whopping 5000/1!

Range of Bets Available on Rugby World Cup Matches

To liven up your viewing experience when watching any of the matches that make up the Rugby World Cup 2019 tournament, you can of course place all manner of different bets on each individual match.

One type of bet that may be of interest to you is to name the first or even the last player to score, and when betting on such a betting market, which most leading betting sites will be offering you will find some attractive odds on offer on each chosen player.
You can also palace a simple yes or no type bet on whether the first try of the game will be converted, however the odds on those types of Rugby betting markets are not going to be overly generous, but there is a 50-50 chance you will place a winning bet of course!

Other bets you could be tempted to place include the first team to score and consider placing a bet on the half time full time result too, as the odds on those types of bets will always be higher than a simple outright type of bet.
Handicap betting is also going to be available to you at most betting sites and on most betting apps too, so if the team you fancy to win are short odds-on then it may be more rewarding for you to bet on the handicap betting markets as opposed to the outright betting ones.

Previous Winners of the Rugby World Cup

The most recent Rugby World Cup was held in England and it was back in 2015 that even was held, and it was New Zealand that were crowned as champions thanks to a very fine display of rugby. The final score of that match was 34–17 and Australia were the losers of that match.

Back in 2011 is was the hosts New Zealand that were crowned the champions, however it was a very close final game that saw them beat their opponents France 8–7, and it is very true to say that in 2019 both of those two teams have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning or at the very least getting through to the final match.

It was the turn of France to be the host country for the 2007 Rugby World Cup, and the two teams that managed to make their way to the final was South Africa and England however it was South Africa that lifted the trophy that day beating England 15–6.
2003 was the year that the Rugby World Cup was held in Australia and it was the home nation along with England that worked their way to the final game. However, a home win was not on the cards that day, for after a well fought out game it was England that won beating Australia 20–17, and it is very true to say that both of those two teams will be fancying their chances of winning in 2019 too!

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