Punters Still Backing Manchester City in the Champions League

The money is continuing to pour in on Manchester City to win the Champions League title this year, and I do know many of you out there have already backed them to do so, but some of you may not yet have had time to place your bet on City.

If you haven’t yet placed a bet then you really are going to have to get a move on, for if they start winning match after match I can guarantee you the current odds of 5/1 being offered by Betfred are going to start to be cut, so keep that in mind and get your bets placed now or sooner rather than later or you might miss out on securing those high odds on a City win!

As for the second favourite team to win the Champions League this season, well that team is Barcelona and you will find there is quite a lot of support on the Betfred betting market for them to be crowned champions.

So much so, that you can back Barcelona at odds of 11/2, and many punters are of the mind that they will soon overtake Manchester City as the team that will soon become the favourite to win the league this season, but that will of course remain to be seen.

Other Favourites to Win the Champions League This Season

Punters Still Backing Manchester City in the Champions League 1

Bayern Munich and Juventus look fairly decent bets to win this year’s Champions League title, especially as you are going to be able to secure odds on either of those two teams winning as high as 13/2 at Betfred so there are two value bets that may be worth you placing!

However, I would never underestimate the chances of teams such as Real Madrid and Liverpool for those two teams are certainly no strangers to playing top tier football and it wouldn’t be too much of a shock if either of them did come out on top in the Champions League this year and they are both chalked up on the Betfred betting site at win odds of 15/2!

Outsiders and No Hopers

As far as outsiders and no hopers go, well there are plenty of teams that you an back over at the Betfred betting site that does have some very tempting and it if very fair and true to say huge odds associated with them, but a couple of teams that have mid-priced odds currently are PSG whose current win odds are 9/1 and Atletico Madrid who you can back at odds of 12/1.

I you are a fan of Man Utd you can easily back them at decent odds of 25/1 at Betfred and you could also back Tottenham to win the title this season at some much higher and much more appealing odds of 33/1.

There are teams such as Lyon and Inter Milan and also Dortmund on offer at odds of 66/1, but they don’t realistically have any chance of winning and for some much higher odds you can always place something of a speculative bet on the likes of Roma and Napoli at 80/1 or even on Porto at 100/1!

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