Premier League Outright Winner and Relegation Betting

Today I want to look at two of the most popular Premier League long term betting markets, and they are the outright winner one and also the one on which you can select the team or teams to be relegated.

There are plenty of betting sites that you are going to be able to bet at that will be offering you both of those betting markets, but one that is certainly worth checking out right now is NetBet, for there are some quite high odds on offer on both of those betting markets which are much higher than odds being offer on certain teams by other betting sites!

Winner of the Premier League 2018/19

Premier League Outright Winner and Relegation Betting 1

As for who you think is going to be at the top of the Premier League at the end of the 2018/19 season, is it Man City at 2/3 that is the current favourite, however be aware this is an ever changing betting market so the odds are going to change after each match is played!

Next you have Liverpool at 5/2, Chelsea at 11/1 and also Tottenham at 12/1. In fact, the further you look down that betting market the bigger the odds will become.

Therefore if you are of the mind it is going to be teams such as Man United at 40/1 or Arsenal at 66/1 who are going to be at the top of this league at the end of the season there really is some value to be had by backing your chosen team right now, and for a few other teams at some much bigger odds you have Everton at 250/1, Leicester at 400/1 and also Wolves at 500/1

With the exception of Newcastle, Fulham, Watford and Bournemouth who are obviously friendless in this betting market being chalked up at huge odds of 750/1, if you do fancy the chances of any team not mentioned in the Premier League you an back them at odds of 1000/1 at NetBet!

Teams to be Relegated

Now as for the teams that you think are going to be relegated, there are some very obvious ones that do spring to mind, however their odds do give an obvious indication as to whether they are likely to be relegated and as such you are going to find those teams odds are a bit low!

Those teams do of course include Cardiff City at 4/9, Huddersfield Town are on offer at 4/7 and there is of course a very good chance if they do not up their game that both Burnley at 7/4 and Brighton at 16/5 could find themselves on the relegation zone.

Some other teams to ponder on that are available to be honest at some fair odds include the likes of Fulham at 16/5 and you can of course back Southampton or Newcastle who may just be about to be relegated at the end of the season and they are both on offer at NetBet at odds of 33/10!

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