Odds Boosters on the Irish Greyhound Derby

The individual heats are about to be run that form part of the hugely popular betting event that is the Irish Greyhound Derby, and if you are a fan of greyhound racing then it really is going to pay dividends for you to start working out which greyhound you think will win that event this year and betting on it too!

Betfred are a betting site that has always been famed for their Irish Greyhound Derby ante post betting market, for they are never afraid of offering their customers the very highest betting odds on every single greyhound taking part in the Irish Greyhound Derby, and below I will be giving you a full overview of which greyhounds have the very best chances of winning this year.

As for the three greyhounds that punters are seemingly convinced at this quite early stage of the betting on the 2018 running of the Irish Greyhound Derby are the ones that should make it right through to the final there are some very attractive and appealing odds available on each of them.

Those three greyhounds that currently do top the BetFred betting market are Droopys Verve at 8/1, Lenson Blinder at 9/1 and Slippy Cian at 12/1 and to be fair those odds are generous as those three greyhounds in particular do have some excellent and impressive form figures behind them, so any of them could win!

Consider an Each-Way Irish Greyhound Derby Bet

Odds Boosters on the Irish Greyhound Derby 1

To be honest, at this very early stages of the betting you do deserve the high outright winner odds if you are prepared to bet early and do manage to pick out the winning greyhound, but there is certainly value waiting to be mopped up on the eahc0way betting markets too.

If you choose to bet with Betfred they will pay out to six places and will give eahc0way backers one quarter of the win odds on such bets, and with that in mind it could be beneficial to place an each bet on Droopys Davy or Borna Gin at 16/1 or risk a few Pounds each-way on he likes of Jaytee Taylor or Whoops Jack both at 25/1!

Place a Few Speculative Bets on the Irish Greyhound Derby

I think one good idea if you are not yet sure of which greyhounds are in form and could win this event, is to spread the risk around, and start taking advantage of the high valued early odds attached to each of the greyhounds that are going to be running in their heats shortly.

By taking advantage of say the 25/1 odds offer on Cabra Hurricane, or the 28/1 odds up for grabs on Crossfield Will or even taking BetFred upon their 33/1 odds on the likes of Stonepark Noel and Doggy Mcdogface you will certainly be locking in plenty of value!

But do consider backing those greyhounds each-way for if they win you will get the full odds on each of them on the win part of an each-way bet, with will also get the place pay-out too if your chosen dog wins or is placed too!

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