Multiple Croatia v England Betting Opportunities

Unless you have been living on Mars, it will not have escaped your notice that today is the day when the final Semi Final match in the FIFA World Cup Tournament is going to be kicking off, and that match will see both Croatia and England battling it out on the pitch.

However, there are lots of punters who are desperately seeking out the very best odds on the Croatia vs England match and will be looking to place a range of different bets too.

It is true to say however that the most active betting market at all betting sites, sportsbooks and bookmakers sites on that match is the 90 minutes winner one, for that betting market will allow you to try and predict what the result will be after 90 minutes of play.

As for where you should be placing such bets, I think it mat pay dividends for you to sign up to Betfred if have not yet already done so, as you will be able to claim their sign up welcome bonus and will be able to secure some fairly decent odds too. Those odds are 15/5 on Croatia winning after 90 minutes, 11/5 the draw and 13/10 on England winning too.

First Player to Score

Multiple Croatia v England Betting Opportunities 1

You may be a big fan of one player in either team, and if so to help you get rewarded if they manage to score the very first goal in this match you should consider betting on them doing so, regarding the players in the Croatia team that could go on to score the very first goal in this match they are Mandzukic at 6/1, Kramaric at 7/1 and both Perisic and Rebic are both chalked up at odds of 8/1 too.

England fans will be hoping that Kane scores as many goals as he possibly can do in this match and the odds on him scoring the first goal are 5/2, of you can bet on Vardy to score the first goal at odds of 11/2 or Rashford at 6/1 and both Sterling are Welbeck on offer at odds of 7/1. You can also get odds on 7/1 that there will be no goals scored in the first 900 minutes of play time!

Correct Score Betting

How about betting on what you think will be the score of the match? If so you can bet on any of the following outcomes regarding a Croatia win. Croatia 1-0 is on offer at 15/2, Croatia 2-0 is 14/1, Croatia to win 2-1 is 11/1 and for Croatia to win 3-0 the odds are 40/1.

If you are however convinced that England will win you can get odds of 5/1 on the score England 1-0 or bet on England won win 2-0 to England to win 2-1 with odds of 9/1 but if you think England will win  3-0 or 3-1 the odds are much higher at 20/1! The correct score draw odds are 0-0 6/1, 1-1 5/1, 2-2 at 16/1 and 3-3 can be bet on at odds of 80/1.

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