Money Lines on this Weeks NFL Matches

Spending hours looking up the money lines on matches on the NFL at lots of different betting sites and sportsbooks is something many punters do, and that does of course enable those punters to find the best money lines and get the maximum returns and pay-outs if their selections win.

You can however often save a lot of time and effort by heading over to betting sites such as BetFred, for if there is just one thing that bookie is famed for it is giving their punters more, and that will soon become very apparent if and when you do look over any of their NFL betting markets.

This week is of course week one of the NFL season, and as sure as night follows day, there are plenty of NFL matches scheduled throughout this week, and to point you in the right direction of where the true and very real value lays when you fancy betting on NFL matches below I will be revealing them to you.

Starting with the match scheduled for the 7th of September 2018, that being of course the opening match of the season between Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles, that match is in fact a very tight one to calls, however Betfred are offering money lines on the Atlanta Falcons of 8/11 and the Philadelphia Eagles can be secured at money line odds of 6/5!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints

Money Lines on this Weeks NFL Matches 1

One time and date to pencil in on your diary this week is on the 9th of September at 18:00 UK time, for that is the day and time that the match between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints will be starting.

However, from a betting point of view you are going to have to place some fairly hefty bets if you do want to get some decent returns paid out to you betting on the f that being the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for they are currently 1/5, however the money lines off son the New Orleans Saints and very reasonable and tempting being as they are 19/5!

NFL Matches for the 11th of September 2018

You will of course need to be up and about just after midnight on the 11th of September if you are planning on watching the New York Jets v Detroit Lions match, but you can of course place a bet on it at any time, which is something you may just be prepared to do!

If you do then there is no getting away from the fact that the New York Jets are the 1/3 favourites to win with the money line odds on the Detroit Lions being 12/5,

If you fancy a quick double you could of course back the New York Jets and the Oakland Rangers who are 2/5, and that should boost the value of your pay-out if both teams do win. The odds on the Los Angeles Rams who are playing the Oakland Rangers on the 11th are for reference 2/1.

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