Lucky 15 Bets

A Lucky 15 bet is one on which you must predict four different outcomes of different sporting events, you could choose include on such a bet four greyhounds or four horses or you could for example pick out football teams that you think are going to win their respective matches on such a bet.

By doing so then you will then be faced with choosing a unit stake for such a bet, which can be any amount of cash you can afford to gamble with.

However, in total, as the name of that type of bet suggests, there are 15 separate bets in place on a Lucky 15 Bet, and therefore you are going to have to multiply your unit stake by 15 to work out the final cost of your bet.

What you will then of course be hoping to see happen, is that the four horses for example all win their races, for if that does happen you are in line for a huge winning pay-out, subject of course to just what odds those horses won at!

Best Betting Sites for Lucky 15 Bonus Pay-Outs

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The bonuses that are paid out to punters who place winning Lucky 15 bets can and often will change from betting site to betting site, so always make a point of finding out just how high those bonus pay-outs are.

BetFred for example have a generous bonus pay-out on offer to their customers that do place Lucky 15 bets, and that bonus will see you getting paid out at treble the odds if just one of your four selections wins which must be horses or greyhounds or double the odds on any other sports, or getting a 10% bonus if all four of them win.

The Fifteen Individual Bets on a Lucky 15 Bet

Let me now give you an insight into just what 15 bets you are going to have in place on any Lucky 15 bets you do decide to place.

You will have four singles covered on that bet, and as such you will receive a winning pay-out if one or more of your selection’s wins.

There are also six doubles in place on a Lucky 15 bet, and as such if you do pick out four winners then you will have them covered in six individual double bets on top of your four single bets. There are also four trebles in place on such a bet too, and one four-fold accumulator too.

There will also be an option for you to bet each-way on a Lucky 15 bet but if you do choose to place such a bet then you will be increasing the number of bets to take into account the each-way element of those bets and therefore you will be placing a total of 30 individual bets, all of which will require their own stake amount.

Some betting sites may offer different bonus winning pay-outs to customers placing straight win or each-way Lucky 15 bets, so always check to see fi you will qualify for those bonus pay-outs before you place any such bet!

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