Lancashire vs Durham and other Vitality T20 Blast Matches

Lancashire are playing Durham later this evening, and in addition to that match which is certainly attracting plenty of attention from punters and avid fans of cricket alike, there are plenty of other matches that are being played off later today as part of the Vitality T20 Blast series of matches.

Therefore, as I do know plenty of you out there are going to be considering placing a bet on some or even all of those matches, or even perming several teams together in an accumulator or multiple type of bet, I will give you an insight in what odds you can currently secure on each team playing tonight in respect of them winning their respective match.

Lancashire and Durham are playing each other later this evening, and from a betting point of view it does appear that Lancashire are the punters favourite, for their win odds are 8/11, which does give you an idea of the amount of cash that has been place don’t hem to win that match.

However, I would never overlook the very real chance of Durham coming out on top and winning that match tonight, and if you think that Durham will win you need to place your bets sooner rather than later as their win odds are currently 11/10!

Glamorgan v Essex Early Betting

Lancashire vs Durham and other Vitality T20 Blast Matches 1

You can of course pick out any of the teams that are playing today and perm them together in doubles or trebles, and as such allow me to introduce you to another Vitality T20 Blast match that is being played later this evening.

That match is going to see Glamorgan who are short odds-on at 4/6 to beat Essex who do have a chance of winning that match and their odds for reference are 6/5.

Don’t Forget Tomorrow’s Matches!

There are a couple of matches that are being played tomorrow that I think you may fancy having a betting interest in, and once again it is our top rated betting site Ladbrokes that are not only leading the field with their odds but also the number of quite diverse betting opportunities on each of those matches too.

The Durham vs Leicestershire does pose more questions than it answers, for with Durham playing today one must wonder if the team are going to be 100% fit and not overly tired after that match, but punters do think they are going to win as they are backing Durham to win and have forced the bookies to drop the win odds on that team to Vitality 8/11 which has forced out the odds on a Leicestershire win to 11/10.

The Derbyshire vs Northamptonshire match being played tomorrow also it is Derbyshire that head the betting markets and their odds of winning are 8/13, but experience has taught me never to underestimate the chances of Northamptonshire for they could indeed win that match, and if you think they will then now is the time to secure the current 5/4 odds being offered to all customers of Ladbrokes.

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