Hungarian Grand Prix Latest Betting Markets

There is quite a bit of liquidity on the early betting markets on the Hungarian Grand Prix, but currently it would appear that most punters are currently concentrating their betting efforts on selecting just which driver is going to win, with S. Vettel heading the betting markets with odds of 15/8 on him winning that event this year, which he may just do of course!

There is another driver that is people backed quite heavily currently, and you will not be too surprised to learn that driver is Lewis Hamilton, and if you are of the mind that he is going to come out on top and win the Hungarian Grand Prix this year then you need to be placing your bets on him sooner rather than alter for his odds of 11/4 may not be around for much longer!

Another driver that is attracting support in the betting markets is the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen, and due to the high volumes of cash being bet on him the best odds you will find available on him are 3/1 and it is at Betfred that you will find those odds on offer, so do check out their early betting market as there are plenty of other bets available too!

Could Ricciardo or Bottas Win?

Hungarian Grand Prix Latest Betting Markets 1

Three other drivers that I do think have a fair and reasonable chance of winning this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix include the Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo who has had some serious money bet on him in the last day or so, and his odds do reflect the volumes of wagers as they are just 7/2!

For a chance of picking up some much bigger winning pay-outs you will need to consider betting on either the Mercedes driver V. Bottas or the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen, but they will need a good run of luck on the race and their current odds for reference if you do fancy backing them are both 12/1!

Long Shots to Win the Hungarian Grand Prix

Let me now rattle through all of the other drivers that are taking part on this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix, for whilst the drivers I am about to name may have little or no chance of winning they may just do, and if so the odds on offer will ensure you do get a huge winning pay-out even if you haven’t bet that much on them!

The two Renault drivers C. Sainz and N. Hulkenberg along with both of the two Haas drivers R. Grosjean and Haas driver K. Magnussen are four drivers that could tempt a handful of punters to back them due in no small fact to their odds being high at 750/1!

So there you have it, you now know just which drivers are going to be the ones that have a chance of winning the Hungarian Grand Prix this year, there are of course a handful of other drivers I haven’t yet mentioned but if they are the ones you do fancy backing then Betfred are going 1000/1 on them all!

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