How to Place Scorecast Bets

Some types of bets that are going to be offered to you at many betting site are going to have some huge and very attractive odds attached to them, and one type of bet that is growing in popularity is known as a Scorecast bet.

Those bets can be quite risky bets to place for you are required to predict two things happening in any upcoming football match you wish to place such a bet on, but they really can pay off big style when everything you do predict happens.

What you are faced with doing is to first study the players that are scheduled to take to the pitch in any football match, and then pick out one of them that you are convinced is going to score the very first goal of the match.

Not only do you have to correctly predict the first goal scorer but you have to also correctly predict the final score of that match too, and both the player you name and the score you predict must be the correct ones for that bet to be a winning one, and the odds will vary dependent of course on the player and the result you select.

Place Scorecast Bets at Paddy Power

How to Place Scorecast Bets 1

As far as betting sites that are going to be worth betting at, one that I just know is going to be offering you by far and away the largest range of Scorecast bets is Paddy Power, and thanks to their huge sign up bonus you should be thinking about opening an account with them sooner rather than later.

As is always the case if you do fancy bagging their welcome bonus click through to their site by using our links and then take a look at the terms and conditions of that offer for details of how to claim it and the suchlike.

Anytime Wincast Bets are Similar to Scorecast Bets

You may be of the mind that placing a Scorecast is a little too risky and would much prefer placing a similar type of bet but one that isn’t as high risk, and if so then allow me to enlighten you on an alternative bet that is known as an Any Wincast bet.

How those bets have been designed is that you are going to have to simply name one player who you think will score at ANY time in a match and then also pick one of the two teams as the one you think will win that match too.

As long as the player you choose does land one in the back of the net, and not his own net by the way, at any point in a match and the team you also pick to win does go on to win then your Anytime Wincast bet will be a winning one.

The odds you will be offered however can and will be different depending on the player you choose and of course the team you think will win a match, but they are certainly a fun bet to place and one that Paddy Power will let you place by the way!

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