How to Bet on Over/Under Betting Markets

Today as part of my series of guides related to individual bets you can place, on any sporting events, I am going to be turning my attention to over/under betting markets and betting opportunities.

They can often cause confusion with punters who have never placed such a bet before, however there is no doubt in my mind as soon as you do get the hang of betting on any over/under betting markets you come across you may be tempted to give one of them a try!

What will happen on certain sporting events, is that a bookie will put up two or even more possible scores that could occur in a match, take for example the sport of Rugby, a bookmaker may offer you two possible over/under betting opportunities as to just how many points will be scored in any upcoming match.

For example on a recent betting market I saw offered at one betting site that being MintBet they were offering such a betting market on a match between the Kings and Leinster.

They were offering odds of even money on fewer than 59.5 points being scored and odds of 4/5 on over 59.5 points being scored in that match. As such, you do have a 50/50 of picking the correct outcome but as a bookmaker does have to earn a profit on such betting markets you will never get even money on both possible outcomes!

MintBet Low Over-Rounds on Over/Under Betting

How to Bet on Over/Under Betting Markets 1

As you will have worked out for yourself on the betting market I gave you an insight into above, MintBet do operate their over/under betting markets to some very low over-rounds.

As such if you are looking for a betting site at which to place such bets at they do come highly recommended, and by using the links you will see throughout this website that take you to their betting site, you will additionally be invited to make use of their enhanced sign up bonus offer too when joining their betting site!

Other Over Under Betting Opportunities

It is not just on Rugby matches on which you will find over/under betting opportunities available, for most sporting events and sport categories that you will find listed at most betting sites will be offering you the opportunity of placing all manner of different bets of that type.

Take for example a football match you may find bookies will let you bet on whether the number of goals scored in a match will be under or over a certain number of goals they have listed on their respective betting markets.

In fact, some bookies will offer three or even more types of bets that can be placed on one single Over/Under betting markets, so you will never go short of finding bookies that do give you access to such bets if you do fancy placing them.

Just keep in mind though that not all bookmakers, betting sites and sportsbooks are as generous on the odds they offer at MintBet are, so always be prepared to compare the odds available when you do fancy placing such a bet!

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