Group F Straight Forecast Betting Opportunities

How many times have you had a feeling in previous World Cups that two teams were going to end up in the top two positions in the same group, and low and behold they did so?

Well, thanks to betting sites like Paddy Power you are going to have the option of being able to bet on such an outcome, for they are currently offering, but not for very much longer, a range of Straight Forecast World Cup betting opportunities.

You simple have to use your skill and judgement to pick out any group and select the team you think will end up in the top position in that group and the team that will finish in second place at the end of the Group Stages.

By doing so if you prediction turns out to be correct there are some rather juicy odds currently on offer. Below I have put together an overview of the teams that are all in Group G along with the pay-out odds of each set of two teams finishing in first and second position.

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Most punters are going to be of the mind that there will only be two possible first and second placed finishers in Group F and the first coupling is 1st Germany/2nd Mexico and the odds on that bet are 15/8. The other most likely outcome is on the 1st Germany/2nd Sweden bet which also has some very low odds attached to it, those being 12/5.

Group F Straight Forecast Betting Opportunities 1

The 1st Germany/2nd South Korea is going to be a much higher paying one if that turns out to be the outcome of Group F and the odds on that bet are 6/1, but the 1st Mexico/2nd Germany bet is also rather tempting at 7/1.

1st Sweden/2nd Germany is a possible outcome too but one the bookies don’t thing is likely to happen for they are offering odds on 9/1 on that outcome, but a much higher paying one is the 1st Mexico/2nd Sweden bet on which the rewards for placing that bet are odds of 20/1.

Much Better Pay-Out Odds

As there are only so many different permutations in which the teams can finish first and second in this or any other group I will now enlighten you on the last few remaining bets you can place on the Straight Forecast betting markets on Group F the first being the 1st Sweden/2nd Mexico bet at odds of 22/1.

The 1st South Korea/2nd Germany bet is not going to be that popular as it is a hugely unlikely outcome but the odds of 30/1 are there for the taking, the 1st Mexico/2nd South Korea bet is on offer at odds of 50/1, the 1st Sweden/2nd South Korea bet will return odds of 66/1, the 1st South Korea/2nd Mexico bet has even higher odds of 75/1 and finally the 1st South Korea/2nd Sweden bet is the highest paying one with odds of 80/1 on offer to punters!

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