Early Dewhurst Stakes Betting Odds

You will have plenty of time to place a bet on any of the horses that are scheduled to run in this year’s Dewhurst Stakes, for that race isn’t being run until next Saturday the 13th of October 2018, but keep in mind the early you do choose to bet on that race the bigger the odds you could secure on the horse you think will win it.

You will of course only be able to secure the very highest possible odds on the horses that will be making up that race, if you find a betting site operating their ante post betting markets to a low over-round, and one betting site that does is MintBet and below are the current odds on the horses in that race!

It really is going to pay dividends for you to shop around and compare the odds on offer on each of the horses on the Dewhurst Stakes, for by doing so for example you will find that the current favourite Too Darn Hot is currently on offer at MintBet at odds of 11/10.

So that betting site is one that you should be backing the favourite at if you do think it is going to win, in fact you are also going to find some higher than average ante post betting odds available on the other horses running in that race too, for example the current favourite that being Sangarius is on offer right now at odds of 3/1!

Other Value Bets on the Dewhurst Stakes

Early Dewhurst Stakes Betting Odds 1

Tracking down the best value bets isn’t going to be easy, for whilst you are certainly going to be getting access to some of the very best odds on each horse running in this year’s Dewhurst Stakes over at the MintBet betting site you will have to carefully study the form of each horse the trainer and the jockey of course too.

That does bring into the reckoning horses such as Ten Sovereigns at 9/2 that should run a good race for sure, but never underestimate the chances of horses such as Advertise at 7/1 and also Anthony Van Dyck at 8/1 too.

Consider Placing an Each-Way Betting on the Dewhurst Stakes

Boitron at 12/1 looks a good bet too, much more so if you choose to back it each-way at MintBet, for they are going to be giving you one fifth the win odds on horses that finish in the first three positions of that race.

Magic J and Prince Eiji at 16/1 are a couple of other horses that may just be worth backing each-way too however it is difficult to see the likes of Christmas, Sergei Prokofiev, Phoenix of Spain and Dark Vision at 20/1 or for that matter Lady Kaya, Kuwait Currency, the Irish Rover and Mohawk all on offer at odds of 25/1 either winning or getting placed in the Dewhurst Stakes.

Watan, All the Kings Men and Land Force at 33/1 are the three rank outsiders, and you would have to be a fool hardy punter to back any of them, looking at the opposition each of them face in this race!

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