Early Betting on the Super Bowl LIII Winner

You can of course bet on who you think is going to win the Super Bowl LIII at any time in the run up to the final game. However, as you will get some much better odds with more teams still in with a chance of winning, then consider doing so sooner rather than later.

In fact, with many betting sites offering you one have the odds on the place part of an each-way bet for the two teams that finish in the final and with plenty of high valued odds on offer, now really would be the best time to place your bets

There is of course one team that is currently the favourite to win, and it will probably not surprise you to learn that team is the New England Patriots, and betting sites such as BetFred are going to be offering you odds of 5/1 currently on that winning.

Three teams are currently joint second favourite, and to be fair any of them could win this year’s Super Bowl, and for reference they are the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles along with the Los Angeles Rams. Once against Betfred are offering some generous odds on all three teams and those odds are 9/1.

Teams with a Reasonable Chance of Winning the Super Bowl

Early Betting on the Super Bowl LIII Winner 1

As far as placing an each-way bet then you should be looking at the teams that have a reasonable chance of winning or at least making it through to the final games and teams with some fair odds attached to them too.

With that in mind those teams that do offer some value currently at odds of 12/1 are the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. But never underestimate the chances of teams such as the New Orleans Saints or the Houston Texans who may end up in the final game and their odds are currently 16/1!

Teams with Very Little Chance of Winning

As far as the teams that have very little chance of winning the Super Bowl or even making it through to the final game, those teams are the likes of the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks whose odds of  50/1 do accurately represent their chances of winning.

At 66/1 you have the likes of the Indianapolis Colts, the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and at 80/1 you have both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns.

With three figure odds available on teams such as the Arizona Cardinals and the Buffalo Bills who for reference are 100/1 and the New York Jets at 150/1 and even the Miami Dolphin at huge win odds of 200/1, there are some very high priced teams that you can bet on in the hope you will win big!

But keep in mind those teams are only on offer at such odds as there is very little chance of them winning the Super Bowl and at the end of the day it is up to you just which teams you do decide to be on!

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