Early Betting Markets on Today’s English Open Matches


There is some value waiting to be mopped up if you are prepared to bet nice and early today on any of the scheduled upcoming English Open snooker tournament matches that will be in play at various times during the course of the day.

When you are thinking about betting on any such snooker matches you need to have the peace of mind in knowing that you are going to get access to some decent odds and will be paid out quickly when you win.

Therefore what you will find I have done below, is to pick out some snooker matches in that major English snooker tournament that have some fair odds on offer on each of the players taking part in them, and it is Betfred that is the betting site offering those odds, so you will certainly get paid out rapidly if you do win betting on any of them!

There are several matches today that will be starting bright and early at 10:00 and one that could be worth having a financial interest in is the Mei Xiwen v James Wattana match in which Xiwen is the 8/15 favourite to win and Wattana is the 6/4 underdog.

Lee Walker v Jak Jones

Early Betting Markets on Today's English Open Matches 1

Turning my attention to the afternoon matches, at 13:00 you are going to be able to sit back and watch the match between Lee Walker and Jak Jones and in my opinion there is only going to be one outcome of that match!

That will be a very decisive win for Walker and if you are of the same mind then you need to secure the  1/2 odds on him winning that match that Betfred are currently offering sooner rather than later, as for the chance of Jones, well Betfred are going 13/8 on him winning.

English Open Matches of Interest

I would also advise you to take a look at some of the afternoon English Open matches that will be in play today, for there are some of those matches that do look most likely to go the way of one player.

Take for example the 14:00 match in which Stuart Bingham will be playing against Duane Jones, it looks something like a foregone conclusion that Bingham will win that match and Betfred do think that is so for they have him available at odds of 1/7 which are in sharp contrast to the odds they are offering on Jones, which for reference are 9/2.

Moving onto another 14:00 match, that being the Ricky Walden v Hammad Miah match once again there is a red-hot favorite to win that match and that player is Walden who Betfred are not taking any chances on what so ever as they have him on offer at odds of 1/5.

But having said that if you think that Miah could win then now is the time to back him at some much bigger odds of 7/2, but it does look like a very one sided match, so do keep that in mind when picking out your player to bet on!

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