Current UK Flat Jockey Stats

One award that all flat jockeys in the UK will be very eager to win is to be crowned the champion jockey at the end of the season, and for them to do so they must win more races during the course of a season than any other jockey!

There are of course hundreds of races held up and down the UK each year and therefore there are plenty of chances for each jockey to win plenty of races, however it is those that not only get the most rides but ride horses that have a good chance of winning and are from the top trainers in the UK that do have a much greater chance of being crowned champion jockey.

Therefore as you can also place bets on the jockey or jockeys that you think will win, then today I am going o be looking at the current status of lots of jockeys, some of which you will probably be very family with and some you may never have heard of before!

It is currently Oisin Murphy that is leading the way, for he has so far this flat season ridden a total of 91 winners out of 580 races he has ridden in and he has a win ratio that is huge.

Other Jockeys That Could Win the Flat Jockey Championship

It is still quite early in the flat racing season of course and with that in mind there are plenty of other jockeys that could win many of their up and coming races, and another one that is doing extremely well at the minute is S De Sousa having won a total of 82 races out of 448 he has ridden in and his win ratio is therefore up there with the best of them%.

Also keep your eyes out for any races that L Morris has been scheduled to ride in for with 71 win so far out of 705 races and with a hit rate to be proud of he does have a good chance of winning the championship this season too.

Jockey Worth Keeping an Eye Out For!

Even if you do not bet on which jockey is going to be crowned the champion jockey of the 2018 flat season it will also be worth keeping an eye out for any of the other jockeys that do have a good win ratio, for any horses they are riding could bolt up and win.

Take for example J Fanning he has so far won a total of 70 races out of 436 he has taken part in so far this flat season and that equates to a win ratio that many jockeys can only dream of!

James Doyle can always be relied on to ride up to his very best in any horse race he is taking part in, so much so that he has so far this season ridden a total of 66 winners out of just 279 races he has taken part in and his win ratio is very, very impressive!

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