Bruce Betting Ramps Up Its Greyhound Free Bet Offers

There is one type of punter is often forgotten about by most betting sites and betting apps, and that are the punters who do enjoy betting on greyhound races!

If you are one such person then I really do think it is about time you shifted some or even all of your greyhound related betting activities over to Bruce Betting, for they really do look after such punters and will always ensure you get the best value to no matter how much you stake!

Take for example their best odds guarantees, what you are always going to have to take the risk of deciding, is whether to take the starting price of a greyhound you have backed or risk taking the prices on offer at the time you strike such a bet.

However, if you may the very wise and smart decision of betting with Bruce Betting, you should always take the prices they are offering on their best odds guarantees races, for if the starting price ends up being larger than the price you took then you are paid out at the much higher odds, and therefore it is a win-win situation or you!

Free Bet When Your Greyhound Wins at 3/1 or Higher

Bruce Betting Ramps Up Its Greyhound Free Bet Offers 1

If you tend to bet small and very modest amounts of greyhounds, then there is one special promotional offer that is currently available each day that is going to allow you to lock in the maximum of betting value.

Much more so if you tend to place bets on greyhounds that are not necessarily the favourites to win their races. By backing a winner of at least odds of 3/1, if that greyhound wins and it is one of their featured races, Bruce Betting will then give you a free bet worth up to the amount you staked, capped at £10 the following day!

The More You Win the More Free Bets you Will Get!

It is not just one single race that is going to be offering you a  free bet of up to £10 in value if your chosen greyhound wins at odds of 3/1 or higher, for there are going to be a plethora of such races available every single day of the week over at the Bruce Betting site.

As such that is why you should be placing your bets via their online betting platform on each greyhound race you do fancy having a financial interest in.

This is offer does however come with its own unique set of terms and conditions but they have been kept short and sweet, and another thing to keep in mind is that you are only going to be able to utilize this free greyhound bets promotional offer when using their online betting platform, as it is not available to their shop customers.

Please also make sure that if you have yet to sign up to the Bruce Betting sportsbook you click through our links to do so, as a huge valued welcome bonus offer will also then be coming your way instantly!

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