Bigger Odds on Today’s Snooker Matches

As somebody who does enjoy betting on snooker matches, there are several major worldwide snooker tournaments that I am more than confident you will want to have a financial interest in, and right now the annual Paul Hunter snooker tournament is underway over in Germany.

Being the second day of this tournament, that does mean you are going to have no shortages of matches to bet on, but you will also be looking for a betting site that is going to be giving you the best odds on those matches too. Below are the early prices available over at Bruce Betting who are famed for their odds boosters on all snooker matches by the way!

You will sadly not get rich if you fancy placing a bet on the player that is most likely to win the Kyren Wilson v Chen Feilong match that is the very first match to be played today, for the win odds on Wilson are just 1/12 and the odds on Feilong are much better value it does have to be said at 6/1

You could back both Kyren Wilson in the match above with Gary Wilson in the latter players match today against John Astley, for that way you will get 2/5 on Gary winning today which does look like the most likely of outcomes, and he should beat Astley rather easily as that players win odds offer no real value at 9/5!

Matthew Selt v Vetter Luis

Bigger Odds on Today's Snooker Matches 1

The odds on Selt to beat Luis in this morning’s match are 1/33, and Luis is on offer at 11/1, so on first glance you are likely to be put off betting on that match due to the favourite looking like he can win it easily coupled with his low odds.

However, keep in mind you can also bet in-play at the Bruce Betting site, and can also bet on each frame too, which does open up a world of additional betting opportunities, and ones that come with some much bigger odds too.

Increase the Pay-outs With an Accumulator Bet

It is also worth me noting that Bruce Betting are of course going to allow you to place accumulator bets on each of the matches being played today, and as such you can pick out as many short odds-on favourites as you like and put them in such a bet.

Obviously when placing such a bet you will need every player to win, but that is certainly something that does look likely regarding players such as

Gerard Greene who is 1/14 to beat Soner Sari, along with Ashley Carty at odds of 1.5 who has the best possible chances of beating Jake Nicholson today.

It should also be worth backing Joe O’Connor for he is taking on Sompol Saetang today and his win odds of 2/7 do enlighten you on what his chances are of winning that match, much more so when you compare his win odds to those of his opponent who is 5/2 to win that match!

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