Betting on the International Championship Qualifiers

Snooker players hoping to get through to the final stages of this years International Championship, do of course first have to qualify, and today there are plenty of qualifier matches up and running starting at half past nine in the morning, all of which you can bet on of course.

However, as that snooker tournaments really does attract some of the very best players from around the world, one downside of betting on the qualifier matches, is that the favourites to win each match will not be on offer with huge odds attached to them!

However, by making the sensible decision to betting with Ladbrokes you will at the very least find some slightly better odds on offer on bot only the favourites to win each qualifying snooker match but on the underdogs to win too, and some of those underdogs may just go on to win by the way!

One of the very first matches that will be broadcast live on TV this morning is the Ken Doherty v Chris Totten match, and the smart money is being lumped on Ken Doherty to win that match and his odds of 2/7 do enlighten you on his winning chances, the odds on Chris Totten by the way are high at 13/5!

Mark Davis v Elliot Slessor

Betting on the International Championship Qualifiers 1

It is fair to say that Ladbrokes are not offering terribly low odds on the Mark Davis v Elliot Slessor match, and with that in mind if you do think that Mark Davis is going to win, and let’s face it he does have a terrific chance of winning that match, you can bag odds of 4/9 on him doing so.

Elliot Slessor is also up for grabs at odds of 7/4 at Ladbrokes currently, so if you are much more of the mind that it is he who is going to win that match those odds are therefore the taking right now!

Xiao Guodong Should Qualify Easily Today

If you want to back one of the red-hot favorites to win today then the Xiao Guodong v Lukas Kleckers match is where you will find one such player, and that is of course Xiao Guodong who shouldn’t find it difficult at his odds of 1/10 to beat Lukas Kleckers who is friendless in the betting markets at odds of 6/1!

As far as the Barry Hawkins v Sanderson Lam match goes it is impossible to see the outcome of that match being anything other than a win for Barry Hawkins and all bookies think the same too and Ladbrokes are certainly not taking any chances for they have him on offer at odds of 1/33 and Sanderson Lam can be backed at both their online and mobile betting site are odds of 10/1

The 14:30 Matthew Selt v Sean O’Sullivan match is one that Matthew Selt is expected to win as his current 1/7 odds to give an idea of, and for those of you out there who think it will be Sean O’Sullivan that will win that match you can back him at 9/2.

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