Bets Odds on Saturdays Rugby Union Autumn Internationals

There is no doubt in my mind that many of you to there are probably trying to work out just which bets to place on any of the Rugby Union Autumn Internationals that are going to be kicking off, and if so then please do read on!

Below I am going to be giving you a deep insight into the current start of the betting markets on each of those matches, and to be fair there is plenty of value to be had if you head on over to the BetFred betting site, in fact it is there early prices that I will be quoting below.

If you want to place a bet on any Rugby Union Autumn International match then be aware there are plenty of additional betting opportunities and betting markets other than just the outright winner betting markets, but they are going to be the ones I will be looking at below.

As for the 15:00 match that sees England taking on New Zealand, England do have something of a battle on their hands today and it is hard to see them winning to be honest and their 9/2 odds do give you an idea of their winning chances, the draw odds are 28/1 and New Zealand are the very short odds-on favourite to win at odds of1/6!

Scotland v Fiji

Bets Odds on Saturdays Rugby Union Autumn Internationals 1

Admittedly the odds on some of the Rugby Union National Teams that are going to be playing today are not what anybody could call huge, and that is the case with the favourite to win the Scotland v Fiji match sadly.

That team is of course Scotland and as far as just how high the odds on offer are or not as is the case those odds are 1/8, the draw is something I doubt many people are going to want to bet on and the draw odds for reference are 33/1 and as for the chances of Fiji they are very easy to back right now at odds of 11/2!

Three Other Matches You Can Bet On Today

At 17:20 one of the matches I will certainly be watching today will be starting and that is the Wales v Australia match, both teams do have a very good chance of winning today and the odds on offer are 5/6 on a Wales win, the draw is 18/1 and Australia are bound to play as good as ever and may just win today at their outright winner odds of 11/10.

There is a match that will be starting at 18:30 and that is Ireland v Argentina match in which Ireland are 1/16 to win so win that match they should do and you can get 40/1 on the draw and 9/1 on Argentina who will of course need all the luck in the world to win today.

At 20:05 you will be able to sit back, and watch the France v South Africa match and as for what odds you can get on all three possible outcomes, France are 6/4, the draw odds are high at 20/1 and South Africa are up for grabs at odds of 8/13.

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