Betfair Review

Betfair have changed the way that sports fans can bet on any type of sporting event or sports betting opportunity, for they were the first and are now the biggest betting exchange in the world, and are certainly going to be offering you everything you could ever want as a sports bettor.

What you will be doing as soon as you register as one of their new customers is making use of a betting exchange that allows you to bet amongst other sports bettors, you can place a bet on any sporting event being held anywhere in the world, and the odds and potential winnings on those betting opportunities have been put up by your fellow punters.

If you do not want to back any team, horse or whatever it is you are interested in betting on to win, you can offer lay bets, which means you offer your own odds and will be winning the stakes of other punters if the bets they place with you lose, but you have to pay them out their winnings if those bets you have offered odds on win!

Our Exclusive Betfair Sign-Up Bonus

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One of the benefits of signing up to Betfair is that you are going to be able to claim a welcome bonus, not only at their betting exchange but also at each of the many other betting and gambling sites they own too, and therefore there is a fair amount of bonus cash and free bets waiting to be claimed.

What I would suggest you do it to click onto any of the links that are dotted around this website that will take you to their website as that way you will qualify for each of those welcome bonuses the very second you have registered as a new customer.

All of the terms and conditions relating to those welcome bonuses plus all of the terms and conditions relating to their ongoing bonuses can be found on their website, and it is important that you read them through to ensure you know how to claim your free bets and free bonus credits.

But make no mistake about it if you are looking for a first class betting experience but one that is going to be different to most other betting sites, then you really do owe it to yourself to become a customer of the Betfair betting exchange.

Peer to Peer Betting

The main advantage of choosing to make use of a peer to peer betting site such as Betfair is that you are always going to be able to get access to the very best odds no matter what sporting event you wish to bet on.

All standard betting sites will have an over-round on their betting markets which is simply a figure presented as a percentage that they will be guaranteed of making as profit on that betting market if they have a well balanced book, however those over-rounds can be huge, resulting in poor odds being offered to their customers.

As you are able to offer odds on any sporting event and lay bets yourself what you will find is the other users of that betting site are going to want people to take their odds so they will be higher than are offered at other betting sites.

As a user of Betfair you are only going to have to pay a small commission to them on the winning bets you either lay or place, and as soon as you realise just how much more in winning pay-out you can get compared to other bookmakers and betting sites you will probably never want to bet anywhere else!

Deposit Options and Withdrawals

There is of course a highly secure banking interface at each of the many different gambling sites you can choose to bet and gamble at with Betfair and all UK based punters can set their accounts to operate using Pounds Sterling too.

If you choose to use for example PayPal, Skrill or Neteller or any of the other web wallets they offer via that banking interface, all deposits you make a processed in real time, however all withdrawals you make are also processed in real time too.

As such you are going to be able to make as good as instant withdrawals when using a web wallet, so your winnings will be in your web wallet account in a matter of seconds once you withdraw them from your Betfair account.

You can of course use a credit card or a debit card if you wish, but it does take a little bit longer for withdrawals to be paid back to your bank account that is linked up to those accounts, but it is always up to you just which method you do choose to use as a customer of Betfair.

Added Security Features

The betting exchange and also the betting platform used by Betfair is highly secure as is also their banking interface and as such whenever you do use them you can rest assured that all information you supply is fully encrypted before being sent.

Being licensed fully by the UK Gambling Commission you are also going to find that you are required to get your account verified at some point not long after you have registered, and that means you will have to send into their account verification team several copies of documents that proves your identity and address.

All customers signing up to use Betfair and any of their many additional gambling related sites must be over the age of 18 too, and as part of the account verification process you will need to prove you are indeed over the age of 18.

A range of different settings are also available to you which will allow you to set deposit limits and also loss limits too, and if you ever do run into any problems they will always be obliged to get those problems rectified in the quickest possible times frames too.

Mobile Betting Apps

You do have the option and ability to download an app designed by the Betfair team and when doing so you can then use that app to access their betting exchange and by doing so you will not be making any compromises by the way!

For everything that can be bet on via the online betting change offered at Betfair is going to be available on that app so no matter which types of sporting events you fancy either betting on or offering your own odds on and laying them to other punters are available.

The app has been designed in such a way that you are always going to be able to lay and back any type of sports bets you like when out and about, and the additional promotional offers that Betfair make available to their online customers are also on offer via the app too.

In fact you will also find the exact same type of deposit and withdrawal options available on the app as are available online, so the only different when using that app is you can bet no matter where you are quickly and with the minimum of fuss and effort too.

Betting Markets

One thing that is going to take you a  little bit of time to master when using the Betfair betting exchange is actually placing or laying bets, as you will need to know how to both lay bets and place bets quickly and secure or offer odds that are appealing to you or other punters.

That is not going to be as difficult or as complicated as it may sound, if fact by simply paying a visit to the Betfair website you will find lots of guides and articles and even a community based forum that will allow you to get a full and deep understanding of how their betting exchange works and operates.

Regarding just what types of sporting events, fixtures and categories you can bet on, well I just know you will be very impressed by just how diverse they are as they will be offering their betting exchange and betting markets to customers who want to bet on any type of sporting events held anywhere in the world.

In fact, not only will you have the option of betting before those sporting events start, you can also bet and lay bets once a sporting event has begun by using the in play betting markets that go live on their betting exchange once any event starts too.

Customer Support

The best way to get any questions answered regarding the betting change or about placing or laying bets at Betfair is by studying their help guides that are available directly from their website as they should allow you o see firsthand how that betting change works and operates, as they also have video guides too.

However, there is also an around the clock support centre and support team that you can also contact if you are still puzzled or confused about anything they do have to offer!

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