Bet on the Grand Final Winner in the QLD Cup 2018

In terms of Rugby League, Australian teams are always going to be dreaming of winning the QLD Cup, however there is of course only going to be one winner each season, and this season the battle is on.

Each of the major betting sites, all of which you will find fully reviewed and showcased throughout this website have opened their QLD Cup 2018 betting markets and currently there is a lot of activity on those betting markets.

That therefore means that if you do fancy the chance of any of the teams taking part in this event then dependent on the one you do fancy to win it, you would get some generous odds and lock in a great deal of value by betting early.

Take for example the Townsville Blackhawks they are currently joint favourite to win the cup at odds of 7/2, the other joint favourite to win it for reference are Redcliffe Dolphins, obviously their odds are also currently 7/2.

If the volumes of cash continue to roll in for the Burleigh Bears that have been doing so their current win odds of 4/1 are going to drop and they could end up being favourite to win the cup, so bet early is my advice if you do fancy their chances!

Souths Logan Magpies Worth a Punt?

Bet on the Grand Final Winner in the QLD Cup 2018 1

Looking outsider the three teams at the top of the QLD Cup 2018 betting markets is where the true value lays and as such there is a good chance that a team such as the Souths Logan Magpies could win and their current odds of doing so those being 7/1 are attractive.

There are plenty of teams that are worth an each-way bet two of playing in the final and with the Easts Tigers on offer at 10/1, the Sunshine Coast Falcons available at 12/1 and the Tweed Heads readily available at odds of 14/1, there is plenty of each-way value to be had.

Big Odds But Low Chance of Winning

The rest of the teams that you can bet on do have a much lower chance of getting their collective hands on the QLD Cup this year, however never say never is one motto many avid fans of Rugby League live by and you may fancy betting on some of the outsiders to come up trumps.

If that is the case then consider betting on teams such as the Northern Pride at 16/1, or go for broke on teams such as the Norths Devils and the PNG Hunters whose odds of 33/1 are appealing to outsider backers!

The bigger the odds the lower the chance of a team winning the cup of course but the last few teams that are in with a chance albeit a minute one and their respective odds of winning at the Ipswich Jets and the Wynnum Manly Seagulls at 40/1, the Mackay Cutters at  150/1 and the CQ Capras who must have no chance what so ever if their current win odds of 400/1 are to be taken at face value!


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