Bet on Drivers in the Singapore Grand Prix 2018

You are faced with plenty of different types of bets and wagering opportunities on any Grand Prix that is scheduled to start in the very near future, however it can often pay dividends for you to place a bet on the driver that you think is going to win such a race outright, long before the race is scheduled to start.

In fact, by getting yourself over to the Bruce Betting site you are going to find some rather tempting odds on offer on all drivers that are scheduled to line up and then take their chances around the Singapore Grand Prix circuit this year!

As far as the odds that are going to be available to you, well it is of course going to be the driver that you think will win as to just how high or low those odds will be.

However having said that there are three drivers that most punters are already latching onto and backing to win this race this year and those drivers and their current odds are Sebastian Vettel at 6/5, Lewis Hamilton at 10/3 and also Max Verstappen who does look like the current value bet at his outright win odds of 15/4!

Place a Speculative Punt

Bet on Drivers in the Singapore Grand Prix 2018 1

There is also a chance that one of the other drivers that are not in the top of the betting markets could spring a surprise and win, and as such allow me to quickly give you an overview of the odds available on every other driving taking part in this race.

There is a good and fair chance that Daniel Ricciardo could win this year and if you think he will do just that he is easy to back right now at odds of 5/1, then there is Kimi Raikkonen who does look a fair bet too at his current odds of 8/1 and one other driver who may not be in the best form of his life but could win this race is of course Valtteri Bottas at 14/1!

Each-Way Betting

There are always going to be some punters who are going to be betting on some of the much higher priced drivers to win, and usually those punters are going to be placing and each-way bet and there are lots of other drivers with some massive odds attached to them.

If you do want to back a driver each-way then please do be aware that Bruce Betting will give you odds of one third the win odds on the place part of such a bet if your drivers finishes in first of second place and the full odds on the win part of that bet if your drivers does of course win!

The other drivers odds are high, in fact at 500/1 currently you have the likes of Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, Nico Hulkenberg, Carlos Sainz Junior, Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez and you can get odds of 750/1 on Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen all other drivers by the way are 1000/1 to win at Bruce Betting!

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