Best Odds on this Weekends Premier League Matches

The hunt is always going to be on to secure the very best odds on any football matches you are thinking of betting on, however it is often sites like NetBet most punters will visit first and probably last too, as they are famed for offering generous odds on any and all upcoming football match.

There is of course more matches being played this weekend than you could ever watch in one single afternoon, however NetEnt are offering plenty of betting opportunities on each of them, including correct score being markets and you can bet on the first or last players to score, and a plethora of other betting opportunities too

To give you some idea of just however generous the odds are on several of this weekend’s Premier league matches I shall now quickly run through several matches and odds that have certainly caught my eye today.

The first match that has some fair odds attached to it at NetBet is the one between Crystal Palace vs Southampton and as for the three possible outcomes and their respective odds you can bet on Crystal Palace to win at odds of 20/21 the Draw odds are 49/20 and for those of you willing to back Southampton to win you can get 3/1 on them doing so!

Everton vs Huddersfield Town

Best Odds on this Weekends Premier League Matches 1

You may be having a hard time trying to work out whether it will be Everton or Huddersfield Town that are going to win their match thus Saturday afternoon, however perhaps the outright win odds will help you make up your mind!

If you think the home team advantage is going to help Everton win that match the odds on them doing so at NetBet right now are high at 20/39, it could be a match that ends in a draw off course and the draw odds are 3/1 and Huddersfield Town fans are sure to be tempted by their win odds of 25/4!

The Man City vs Newcastle is bound to be a popular match with spectators both in person at the City ground or at home tuning in on TV.

However, no matter how you look at that match there can only be one outcome that being a win for Man City and that is certainly the way the match should end considering their win odds are 1/10! The Draw odds are 9/1 and Newcastle have no chance of winning as their odds of 27/1 do suggest.

The only other match I can see punters wanting to get involved in this weekend in the Premier League is the Cardiff City vs Arsenal match.

The odds on a Cardiff City win are tempting at 19/4, This could however be a match that ends in a draw and the Draw odds for reference are 3/1 but as the cost likely winner it has to be the away team that being Arsenal but you are going to have to bet big to win anything decent form that match as their win odds are 10/17!

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