Best Odds on the Moto GP Championship without Marquez

If you have backed Marquez to win the Moto GP Championship, then you are probably already counting your winnings, but they do say never count your chickens before they have hatched, however it is highly unlikely he will not win.

In fact, I have just been taking a look around several different betting sites to ascertain just what odds are available on him winning the championship this year, and so far the best odds on him doing so are at William Hill, but even their odds whilst the best ones available are so low you cannot possibly place a bet on him.

For reference those odds are 1/50, so you are going to have to place some truly massive amounts of cash to get a fairly small return, if, as expected, he does win.

There is going to be much better value to be had however, on the new betting market that William Hill have just opened on this year’s Moto GP Championship, and that is the betting without Marquez betting market.

How Does Betting Without Work?

Best Odds on the Moto GP Championship without Marquez 1

If you have never come across a betting without betting market before, then allow me to give you a quick overview of how such a betting market has been design.

The favourite to win any event, in this case that being Marque is removed from the betting market and for betting purposes does not take part in the event, even though he does! Therefore whatever position he gets in the race doesn’t count, so if he comes first, as long as the rider you back comes second your bet will still win.

In fact, by backing a rider each way, if Marquez comes first you will get paid out if you rider comes second or third to him, and if he comes second and your rider comes first or third you are still paid out, the each-way terms and William Hill are one third the win odds for the first two places without Marquez’s position being counted of course.

Best Betting Opportunities without Marquez

If you do fancying having a bet on this betting without Marquez betting market then there are three riders that could have the best chances of winning, the first is Andrea Dovizioso who is the current favourite win on this betting market with odds on offer at William Hill of 11/8.

There is also a fair chance that Jorge Lorenzo could win too, in fact his odds are not that much higher than those of Dovizioso, and those odds for reference are 6/4. The only other rider I think is going to have any chance of winning on the betting without Marquez betting market is Valentino Rossi and if you do fancy his chances the odds available are 9/41

If you want some much bigger odds and are prepared to place an each-way bet then consider baking Maverick Vinales as there is plenty of value to be had especially backing him each-way as his win odds at William Hill are 20/1.

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