Best Odds on the Just Retirement Bowls Open

Now is the time for you punters out there to head on over to William Hill, for their early betting markets on the Just Retirement Open Singles Bowls Tournament 2019 have just gone live, and having studied that betting market in great deal, boy is there some value to be had!

Whilst it is months and months away until that tournament begins, the odds William hill are going to be offering you right now are high, and won’t be as high as they will become once the tournament starts, and bowlers start getting knocked out of it.

In fact, if you bet wisely by for example signing up to William Hill if you are not already a customer of theirs, by coupling their sign up welcome bonus offer into a bet on this major Bowls tournament you could lock in even better value too.

The bets you an currently place include both a simple outright winner bet which is a bet on which you pick out one or more bowlers in the hope they are crowned champion or you can bet each-way if you prefer and get one half of the win odds on the second part of such a bet if your chosen bowler finishes in first or second spot!

Most Fancied Tournament Winner

Best Odds on the Just Retirement Bowls Open 1

I am sure you may have already chosen which bowler you think is going to win this major bowls tournament if you are a fan of the sport and if the 6/1 odds on Alex Marshall and Paul Foster to win appeal to you then get your bets placed right now, as they are of course the current favourites to win.

You may also be tempted to take and secure the 7/1 on Greg Harlow and Nick Brett who both could win this event quite easily, and with 9/1 odds up for grabs on Robert Paxton he is a fair bet too!

How About an Each-Way Bet?

You can also get offered odds of 10/1 on Jamie Chestney and he does look a fair bet regarding an each-way bet for William Hill are going one half the win odds and to two places on the each-way section o any such bets placed on him or any other bowler.

Therefore, which very generous odds of 12/1 currently readily available at William Hill on the likes of Darren Burnett, David Gourlay, Mark Dawes and Stewart Anderson, there will be plenty of punters placing such a bet on one of those entrants in this tournament.

As for a few outsiders to back and their respective odds it could be worth taking the 14/1 odds on offer on blowers such as Mervyn King  or taking advantage of the early high odds of 20/1 on Jason Greenslade and Michael Stepney,.

But if you want to back a complete rank outsider in the hope they will win or get placed at some huge odds then take advantage of the 25/1 odds currently available on the likes of Andy Thompson, Les Gillett and Mark Royal too!

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