Best Odds on the British Grand Prix

Sadly with Lewis Hamilton being the red hot favourite to win this year’s British Grand Prix on Sunday you are not going to be able to bag some huge odds on him winning, in fact you will be lucky if you do find a betting site giving you odds of 5/6 on him winning that race!

There are however a range of different betting markets you can make use of on the British Grand Prix and below I will be taking a look at some other potential betting opportunities that may just be of interest to you.

However, if you are of the mind that this is going to be a race that Lewis Hamilton isn’t going to win, and you are prepared to bet on some of the other drivers then you will certainly find their respective odds very appealing.

It is the Ferrari driver S. Vettel that is the second favourite to win and his odds of doing so are around the 7/2 mark, the Mercedes driver V. Bottas could win of course and his odds of doing so are high at 11/2, but if you are a fan of the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen you are bound to be tempted to bet on him as his current odds of winning are reasonable and appealing being as they are 15/2.

Individual Team Betting Opportunities

Best Odds on the British Grand Prix 1

You can bet on all manner of different outcomes on this year’s British Grand Prix, and the team to win betting market on offer at sites such as Betfred is an interesting one and there are some value bets to be had such as backing the Mercedes team to win at 4/9.

Other bets that could just prove profitable include backing the Ferrari team to win at 9/4 or risking a few bob on the Red Bull team to win at odds of 7/2. With odds of 300/1 right up to 1000/1 on each of the remaining teams whilst those teams’ odds are high their chances of winning this race aren’t!

Lap Time Betting

There is a rather interest set of odds available on both the qualifier and race fastest lap time betting markets as even Lewis Hamilton is not guaranteed of recording the fastest lap time, but he is the 5/2 favourite to do so.

Six riders in total have the best chances of recording the fastest lap time, and by taking out Lewis Hamilton you reduce that down to just five and they include V. Bottas whose odds are appealing to those wishing to have a very speculative punt at 3/1!

  1. Vettel certainly knows how to drive and recording the fastest lap time around the British Grand Prix course is well within his realms and his odds of doing so are 7/2. Both D. Ricciardo and M. Verstappen could attract a few punters too for their odds are 4/1.

It is the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen that is the only other drive in with a realistic chance of winning the honour of driving the fattest lap time in the main race and his odds of doing so are 5/1.

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