Best Betting Opportunities on the Belgian Grand Prix

Maybe you should toss a coin to decide which of the current two favourites to win the Belgian Grand Prix will win it, as there is no separating either of them on the betting markets.

It s of course Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel who are way ahead on the betting markets for that race, and as for their odds, they are both on offer at 13/10. However, with some savvy shopping around you may find one bookie at least that may just be offering you slightly higher odds on either driver.

I think it will therefore be beneficial for you to make use of a betting exchange such as the one at Betfair, if you do want to try and scrape out some slightly higher odds, for as long as you are not too greedy and ask for ridiculously high odds on your chosen driver, there is a good chance another user of that site will take your bet and give you those higher odds.

But if you prefer betting at a tradition bookmakers betting site and you haven’t yet sign up to Bruce Betting the odds quoted throughout this betting news story are available to you on their betting site right now!

Bookies Pay to Two Places on Each-Way Bets

Best Betting Opportunities on the Belgian Grand Prix 1

As you are only going to get paid out to two places when backing each-way on the Belgian Grand Prix, that does of course mean you will be hoping one of the above two favourites does mess up big style to get a winning pay-out when backing any other drivers.

The only two that are going to have an outstanding chance of making it into second place are the likes of Kimi Raikkonen at 6/1 and Valtteri Bottas at 8/1, so do keep that in mind, and most bookies are going one third the win odds on each-way bets if your chosen drives does scrape into second position by the way!

Where the Value Lays

I think the only value to be had on this year’s Belgian Grand Prix is by you pinning your hopes that one of the outsiders wins,, for by backing them to win or even each-way as those outsiders odds are huge in size there are some potentially huge winning pay-outs to be had if one of them does come in first or even second position, and you have backed them of course.

Therefore let me know rattle quickly through the odds currently up for grabs on every other driver in the Belgian Grand Prix, stating with Max Verstappen at 14/1 and Daniel Ricciardo at 16/1, who are possibly the only two outsiders that could win!

But never discount the unexpected for who know is it may just be the likes of Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean at 750/1 who win or if there is some form of major incident in this race then two rivers that could benefit from it are both Carlos Sainz Junior and Nico Hulkenberg at 1000/1, but make no mistake about it they are very risky bets indeed, as their huge win odds do indicate very clearly!

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